Task Report 2023
The Ozone Chabre Open 2023: results are here

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Here we are for the 16th Chabre Open.

The weeks before the comp were mainly stormy. Not many good days unfortunately. On rego day the sun was out, but the trees were flapping as the warm wind blew from the North.


It looks like the week ahead is getting better and looking mainly flyable.. here's hoping.

Let's hope for some great flying.


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Day 0, Practice Task, Saturday June 24.

9:30 Safety briefing and ready for the practice day.

08:00 in the office. There is a buzz because the weather looks flyable. There is a buzz because all of the forecasts disagree and we are trying to decide where to go.

10:00 briefing finished.. we are going to Chabre and will try to get a good task. Good luck everybody.

A 42km race to goal via Col St Jean (6km for start then 4km turnpoint), Orpierre, Bonnet Rouge (4km) and goal at Camping.

Window open at 12:45 and start at 13:45, there were very few clouds and quite light on launch. After a few proved it was working everyone launched in 40 minutes. The start line was not very busy when it opened, but then waves of pilots crossed and found the rare whispies to 2600m. The glides were not very bouyant and the climbs quite disorganised. Beaumont was fiesty and Bonnet rouge felt so far away. Even the glide to camping swallowed some people, while others came in in orbit.

First in goal was Manuel Oka (Supair Savage) then Florian Textor (Ozone Alpina4) and Miguel Gutierrez (Ozone Photon). First recreation class was Darren Shiner (Ozone Rush6), first fun class was Oliver Carr (Gin Calypso) and first woman was Rosie Ireland (Supair Savage)


Tonight is the Apero welcome night, after a lovely de-brief of the day.


Day 1, Sunday June 25. Task1

The sun is out, the wind is light. We all went to Buc.

After a jolly walk up the hill (without gliders) we all got set for the task:

48km from Buc via Orpierres, Longue Dent, Aspres antennas and goal at Aspres.
The wind was predominantly west. There were some good climbs, but a lot of scrappy ones. Launch thermals were no very strong and it was difficult to escape. With patience most got on course, greeted with climbs to the small clouds at 2700m. Most pilots stayed high but the lower ones needed to struggle.

The west wind was significant and the weaker climbs had plenty of drift. The final turnpoint at Aspres was windy and horrid so the task was stopped.

Winner of the day was Florian Textor (Ozone Alpina4) followed by Mark Hayman (Ozone Photon) and Karlis Jaunpetrovics (BGD Cure2). Top woman was Lisa Davis (Niviuk Artic Race). Only one pilot made goal, and there were a few very close. Well done everybody


The gaggle

Day 2, Monday June 26. Cancelled

It looks too windy today, from the North. Free flying at Saint Jean

Saint Jean was splendid. The fact that it is sheltered in a North wind (the stronger the better) means it can be flown, but the competition is not geared-up to task there.

In the evening we had some of the films from the St Hilaire festival. Well attended and most fun.







Day 3, Tuesday June 27, Cancelled.

Ribiers Pizza

Wind from the North West, less than yesterday. It is probably a Bergies day. Lets hope so.

We all went up to Bergies to be greeted by a nice breeze up the slope. Unfortunately the breeze was constant and the cirrus kept the thermals to a minimum. We waited as the day developed, but it was clear the wind was increasing and the thermals weren't. The task was cancelled and pilots went free flying, with a fair few soaring the mountain. A couple of thermals bubbled up, but no-one got any height, and just drifted down the valley.

Tonight is Pizza and Paella night in Ribiers. Lots of food and para-dancing.

Ribiers Movie



Here is a lovely video

by Peter Bienek


Day 4, Wednesday June 28, Task2

Another sunny day. The forecasts were very mixed today, and predicting a wind from the South West. But, the wind on the hill was strong North. We went up believing the forecast would be true and waited a couple of hours in the howling Northerly.

To everyones surprise the wind dropped and came up the South take off (The North take off is not for the feint hearted) so we were very happy and set a task. The day did not look very good so it was a 36km race to goal via Col St Jean (7km start, 5km turnpoint), back to 2km form launch, 2km radius around Beaumont, End of St Genis and in to camping.

The launch window opened and the wind was light. Thermals were irregular but when you got it, it went straight to 2000m. A little patience and the whispies were at 2400m. As pilots went off the clouds were forming well. In fact by the race start the clouds were very bouyant indeed.

The race started and gaggles were cruising under the cloud with gobs of speed bar. Good climbs on all of the peaks made for a very fast day.

First in goal was Mark Hayman (Ozone Photon), then MB Brosig (Ozone Photon) and Ivo Geens (Niviuk Artik 6). Top woman was Diny Wouters (Ozone Delta 4). 80 pilots made goal, well done everyone.



Day 5, Thursday June 29, task3

The weather for today is stormy later.. but how much later?

We left camping for Chabre as quickly as possible and were all on launch pretty early. There we were greeted by fairly significant clouds and light Southerly winds. Waiting a little and the clouds mellowed and a task was set: A race to camping via Col St Jean (7km start at 12:40 and 6km turnpoint), Ventavon (3km) and Mison (1km).

Unsurprisingly there were good climbs straight from launch, but only to 1800m. Hoards of pilots made there way to the start, under clouds that were quite lovely. After the start and glide back the clouds were still nice and quite bouyant. The glide into the valley to Ventavon saw few climbs until well down the course line.

At 13:05 the task was stopped due to large development everywhere.

First on the day was Mark Hayman (Ozone Photon), then Ivo Geens (Niviuk Artik 6) and Russell Willings (Ozone Alpina 3). Top woman was Milena Austel (Ozone Swift 5)




Day 6, Friday June 30, cancelled

Forecast is not great, with rain and wind throughout the region.

This morning we have some talks on gaggle flying and then flying two-liners.

Tonight is the prize-giving, meal, raffle and party.





All of the results are on the results page.

Task reports by Mark Graham