Competition Rules and Information The 2017 Ozone Chabre Open will be held from July 1st to July 7th.

Registration day on Friday June 30th.
Late rego and practice task on Saturday July 1st.
First task Sunday 2nd July
Last task will be on Friday July 7th.
Registration will is open in January 2017.

Venue The competition will be based at Laragne Campsite and will utilise Laragne-Chabre, Sederon and Aspres take offs.

DatesEarly July - see above

RulesThe provisional rules are below.

Organisation The event will be organised by the local club - Chabre Vol Libre, with further support from Allez-up Holidays.

Sponsorship The main sponsor of the event will be OZONE, supported by XC Magazine and Allez-Up

Format The event will be run in general according to FAI Sporting code rules for paragliding Cross country competitions. The event is restricted to certified gliders that we regard as Serial Class. We will exclude some of the newer EN D gliders designed for PWC level pilots and CCC certified gliders, please check with us if you plan to fly an EN D glider)

There will be an overall winner of the competition. There will also be winners, prizes and trophies based on glider class. There will be a separate class for those who have minimal experience (Rookie's) and one for the Girls.


Classes will be based on a combination of flat aspect ratio and EN certification.

There will be four Classes: Fun, Recreation, Sport and X-Class, plus a Rookie class and a Womens class.

Fun - EN B or below and AR equal to or less than 5.2

Recreation - EN B or below and AR equal to or less than 5.7, but greater than 5.2

Sport - EN C or below and AR equal to or less than 6.3, but greater than 5.7

X-Class - EN D or below and AR greater than 6.3

The organisation retains the right to make a final decision on glider class.

Eligibility & Equipment - Pilots; i) Maximum 125 pilots.
ii) Competing pilots must hold the French Brevet Pilote confirmé or equivalent. Or a minimum of IPPI 4.
iii) Competing pilots must have full liability, medical and repatriation insurance.
iv) Competing Pilots must satisfy themselves that they are adequately experienced to compete and fly in the prevailing conditions at Laragne in June/July.rags for glory
v) Pilots must carry 2m radio utilisable in the bands between 140 and 145 MHz
vi) Pilots must carry a recently repacked reserve parachute
vii) Scoring will be by approved GPS, check list on GPSdump website for details of approved type, see link.
viii) GPS must be capable of recording altitude in the track log


Selection In the event of the event being over subscribed a priority selection criteria for pilots may be introduced
A number of places will be reserved by the organisation.
Team entries will be prioritised where possible (see teams below).

Approved GPS list Scoring will be using FS check out the GPSdump website for details of supported GPS'. We have cables for the common models but bring your own cable if you've got one and label it as yours. Pilots are responsible for ensuring they have a cable available to download their GPS.

Eligibility - Gliders i) Paragliders must be Certified - this is a class competition and no open class gliders will be accepted. Gliders should have appropriate EN/DHV stickers, gliders not bearing stickers will be scrutinised as will all prize winning gliders.
ii) Only paragliders Certified to EN A to D standards or DHV equivalents are acceptable.

iii) We reserve the right to exclude some high end EN D gliders (please check with us)

Eligibility - teams i) Teams made up of 4 pilots, scores for best 3 in each task to count
ii) Teams will contain a maximum of one X-Class pilot and, when a full team, must have at least one fun or recreation pilot
ii) A number of places will be reserved for club or school teams.

Format - competition a) The competition is proposed as a fun paragliding XC event. It may also include;
i) An accuracy element in goal field.
ii) Other competition tasks other than XC flying

Format - tasks i) Tasks will only be set in appropriate conditions
ii) Tasks will be preceded by a weather and site briefing and information from meet director and where possible top pilots on their planned route for the task
iii) Tasks will, where possible, be set to maximise pilots in goal - (>50%)
iv) Tasks will generally be set within the confines of the Durance, Buech, Meouge and Jabron valleys - centre of map 60 of IGN Top 100 maps - Cavaillon / Digne Les Bains. A turnpoint map of this area will be provided.

Retrieves There will be a full retrieve service along the course of the task and transport to take off each day from the briefings. There will also be transport to events where these are held away from organisation headquarters or Laragne.

Entry Fee - non transferable (i) 250 Euro - pre registered competitors, 230 Euro for pilots flying Ozone Wings. (TBC)
(ii) 60 Euro - non-competitors - events entry
(iii) 250 Euro - non pre-registered competitors


a) Entry fee will be refunded minus 50 euro (Admin fee) for cancellations before 1st of May, zero thereafter.
b) Accepted entries are non transferable.

Events There will be several events held during the week including;
i) Entertainment - 2/3 evenings with bands or discos
ii) A final night prize giving with meal.
iii) Talks by paragliding celebs on safety, comp flying and mountain flying
iv) Debriefs after each tasks by leading pilots, tracklog displays.
v) One or more evening meals
Prizesa) Prizes awarded for first, second and third in class subject to numbers of participants.
b) Prizes for teams on the basis of accumulated points of the top 3 per task in each team.

Prize Draw A Brand New Ozone wing (solo) will be raffled on the final night with all pilots having their name entered in the draw for this fantastic prize.
The winning pilot must be present to collect his prize !!!!!

Registration Will be open from February on the competition website

Payment/AcceptancePilots will be notified when they have to pay by.

Waypoints Waypoints: In various formats. Pus an open air txt file which shows the Salon and Tallard Airspaces

Waypoints will be uploaded to GPS's at registration and will include a pilot number.