Gordan Vosicki


It is with great regret that the organisers of the Ozone Chabre Open, Chabre Vol Libre, announce the fatal accident of Swiss pilot, Gordan Vosicki, during the first task of this year’s competition.  The accident happened about 20 minutes after the task launch window opened on Montagne de Chabre, Monday 4th July.  Witnesses report that his glider (Skywalk Chilli - EN-B) suffered a large deflation, eventually resulting in a spiral dive.  His reserve parachute was not deployed. 

The conditions were calm, with a light southerly wind and normal thermic conditions.  No other pilot was involved. The task was immediately cancelled and pilots in the area swiftly vacated the area to allow helicopter access.

Gordan was 58, owner of a small computer engineering company.  This was to be his first competition, although he was a very experienced cross country pilot with 500+ hours over 8 years.  His Swiss team mates said that he was very much looking forward to participating.  He is survived by his wife, Brigitte and two children who arrived at Laragne-Chabre on Wednesday. 

The day after the tragedy, the entire competition took time out to remember Gordan.  There was to be no official competition task.  Meet Directors Jocky Sanderson and David Owen were fully aware that pilots react quite differently in such situations.  Therefore pilots were offered the choice of free flying, attending a ‘safety day’ including talks and equipment checks, or spending the day in their own way.

The sincerest heart-felt sympathies of the entire organisation, together with sponsors, Ozone and Cross Country Magazine, and all the competitors here at the Ozone Chabre Open, go out to Gordan’s family and friends.  We are all so very sorry for their sad loss.

David Owen – President, Chabre Vol Libre, France


21 July 2016

Before the end of the competition, the pilots, organisers and staff signed the back of a poster, kindly donated by Olivier Peyre. This poster, in memory of Gordan, has now been framed and sent to his family. Its aim is to convey our shock and sadness at what happened, and to express our deepest sympathies to all who knew him.

Olivier Peyre PosterSigned